Our Roots and Our Passion

NW Bloom is a woman-owned business located in Woodinville, WA and has been specializing in creating environmentally-sound landscapes and farms in the greater Seattle area since 2000. We are proud to be leaders and educators in ecological services who can offer viable alternatives to conventional landscape and farming practices. As one of the first companies in the green industry to never use pesticides, we are grateful to see the public become more environmentally conscious and supportive of regenerative land-based practices.  

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We practice sustainability as a way of life; being environmentally conscious is just common sense. Being conservative and efficient with all resources is a priority. Being sustainable is not only apart of our everyday business practices, but it is prevalent in our landscapes as well. A few examples of how our landscapes are sustainable:

We design landscapes to be healthy and productive for the long term. This means proper design by using the right plant in the right place, choosing plants that are not susceptible to disease, NEVER using pesticides or other harmful synthetic chemicals. Native plants belong in our climate and are the most sustainable plants available to us and will require the least amount of resources as they become established. Less water, little to no fertilizer, etc.

Rain water absorption and catchment: Through proper soil building, and by building rain gardens, bioswales, and pervious surfaces our gardens filter stormwater rather than letting it run off site into streams and waterways. We use rain catchment systems for homeowners to reuse the rain water in their gardens.

Edibles for both homeowners and wildlife. We create spaces for vegetable, herb and berry gardening so that clients can enjoy food grown from their own soil. By incorporating specific plant communities we can attract various types of native wildlife. Diverse layering with native plants also provides habitat to shelter wildlife.

We use recycled materials in our landscapes – from compost to construction materials such as lumber and bricks. In our nursery we even have a plant orphanage! Good plants won’t go to waste – we will take care of them until we find them a good home.

We recycle the materials we take out of landscapes like green debris and concrete. The concrete is ground into a gravel that we use for the base of our hardscaping.

We source materials from as many local suppliers as possible, whenever possible, to minimize our carbon footprint.

We are also very pleased to be running BIODIESEL in all of our vehicles and equipment and have recently acquired an electric car for our fleet.