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2022 NEWS:

We are moving! We are all packed up from our farm at South 47 and moving a few miles NE, in Woodinville!  We will be rebuilding our operations this coming year on 2.5 acres so we can continue growing food, medicinals, natives and more!

Be sure to check back and follow our social media pages for updates.

We are now certified organic and have a lot of dried herbs in bulk for sale.  Please email inquiries to info@nwbloom.com

Edible Perennial Plants

Edible landscapes ~ include trees, shrubs, canes, groundcovers, tubers, vines and more. All producing fresh food, right in your back yard.

Native Plants

Plants that are native to the Pacific Northwest are the perfect foundation to any landscape or restoration project. These plants are best adapted to our region's climate and wildlife, making wonderful low maintenance habitat. This includes plants that are used in Rainwise projects to help with stormwater management.

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine we can easily use, comes from hundreds of species that are easy to grow here in our backyards. Plant medicine can heal our bodies, minds and spirit.

Climate Crops

With our climate changing we are seeing more rain in the winter and more drought in the summers. We will be testing out crops that are on the edge of that climate change in our region.


We will be offering workshops throughout the year. Please check back soon to see the schedule

Insectary & Pollinator Plants

We will be growing plants that are specifically targeted to attract predator insects and beneficials such as pollinators.

Worktrade and Internships

For all of the students who contract us for work experience, we have a new program to get your hands dirty and feet wet in the field. To learn more contact us for details.

Contract Farming

If you are looking for us to grow specific crop(s), we can arrange contracts to provide what you need.